Day 83 – PA

Eckville shelter to Palmerton Jail House – 25.4 miles
1253.9 / 931.4

Horrible sleep last night! Slept near a tent that contained someone with the worst sleep apnea ever! It sounded like he was eating his arm, would stop breathing for a minute, silence, he’d choke on his arm and spit it up and roar like a bear for 3 minutes, repeat. All. Night. He may have legally died 37 times last night.

Anyways I put my earplugs in and even though I could still hear the manbearpig loudly dying, I didn’t hear my alarm in the morning. So me and fresh woke up around 6:30. We left around 8. The hike was way worse today rocks wise. We were scrambling over rocks that didn’t even resemble trails! The feet got beat up! After 11 miles we hit a restaurant and I got a BBQ bacon cheeseburger, amazing. We also got off trail to play mini golf and eat ice cream.. Not a bad day!


After mini golf a car blew a tire on the highway, we turned around and helped the old lady out. We are essentially, heroes with beards.

Finished the shitty rocky hike and got to Palmerton. We ‘got’ to stay at a free hiker hostel called the jail house, and we had to check in at the police station to stay there. Tried the police station and no one was there, called them for a half hour and no answer. So we did a little B&E and got in the basement and got our stuff set. We cooked dinner in the alleyway outside like the homeless hiker trash we are. This is going to be a real experience!




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