Day 82 – PA

Eagles Nest Shelter to Eckville Shelter – 23.8 miles
1228.5 / 956.8

81.1 miles in 3 days, in northern Pennsylvania, my feet are sore! Arrived today at 8:30 pm, but Good news, caught up to Fresh again, glad to hear he’s been having a good time in my absence. At the shelter tonight there is a full bunk room plus another 15 tents, more people than I’ve seen in 3 weeks combined. Good to see guy on a buffalo again, and meet many new faces.

Today started off pretty miserably, I was too cold and tired to get up, it was still raining, so I slept in and finally got out of bed at 6:30. I put my wet rainfly away in my pack separately so not to get everything else wet. Started on the trail at 7:15 and soon enough I had to take an emergency crap. I left my pack on the trail and when I finished I got lost for over half an hour. It was real dense bushes and trees so you couldn’t see 10 ft on front of you. It was raining and I couldn’t tell which way the sun was coming from etc. I must have gone 100 ft in the wrong direction at one point, getting frantic. It ends well, after yelling for help and not staying in one place like I should. I found the trail. Being lost without a pack is WAY different. I had nothing except tp.

So I moved on and eventually ran into seymore and coco again, this time with their parents. It was 2 miles from port Clinton, and I had to resupply. I asked for a hitch to walmart and got treated to Chinese buffet by her parents! What a treat! Then they took us to Walmart and I got food and new batteries for my headlamp. I hiked with them some, and eventually was on my own. But thank you so much guys!

There were some extreme Ricky sections and great views today, all in all, another great day on the trail!





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3 Responses to Day 82 – PA

  1. BoobOnARock says:

    Those rocks look just delightful. 😉

  2. Van Nomads says:

    Reading your blog makes me very excited for my hike along the trail next year.

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