Day 81 – PA

Campsite south of PA 72 to Eagles Nest Shelter – 27.9 miles
1204.7 / 980.6

Another long day! I tried to get out of camp early and set my alarm for 5:30 am. I made it out by 6:45. But having 1.5 miles less to travel and leaving 25 minutes earlier didn’t matter. The terrain was much tougher, and my feet are paying for it. It took me until 8 pm to travel this distance. And it seemed that the locals had come up, put butter on all the rocks, and planted poison ivy next to and in between them.

I was lethargic leaving camp, I managed a wopping 6 miles in 3 hours. Maybe from doing such a big day yesterday or maybe because there were rocks EVERYWHERE. I’m talking boulder fields. And if it wasn’t boulder fields it was just enough sharp rocks that if you looked up to see where the trail went, your next 3 steps would make you look like Bambi first learning to walk. So this is Pennsylvania! I probably should slow the mileage down and just might tomorrow.

Near the end of the day I was crashing and I finally got to the path of the shelter! It was 8 pm. I got to the shelter and it was a full house. Because I was so tired it didn’t want to talk to anyone, so I looked from shelter to people, back to shelter, and said ‘eh, screw it’ and dropped the mic and bounced! Set up my tent about 100 ft away at a nice camp ground, got some water, some nom noms and I am in bed!

Free shoes?




Poison ivy trail!


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