Day 80 – PA

Clark’s ferry shelter to Campsite south of PA 72 – 29.4 miles
1176.8 / 1008.5

29 miles!! In exactly 12.5 hours. Not too shabby. Even with my toe basically falling off from another DRI (drinking related injury). I was up early at Clark’s ferry shelter, around 6 am. I bounced at 7:10 on the dot. I had met brickyard, a real nice thru hiker that also worked on fine dining. After the first 7 miles we got to a real nice shelter. It fit 16 ppl and had a porch and everything!

That’s where brickyard decided to call it a day, but he’s in no rush. I saw fresh post there a couple days ago, so I decided to go more than my original 24.7 to Rausch gap shelter. I decided for about 29. I was making good time too, at noon I had about 11 miles done and 1 I had 14 done. I stopped for lunch at 1 after seeing the mountain men chilling and fishing by a river.

I forgot to mention, it was raining all day. Off and on but at least all morning, very slip-pay. I fell for my 10th time on a nice wet rock, this one stung a bit, but I live another day. The trail was destroyed from the storm yesterday, trees down everywhere. Pretty glad I was not in the mountains when it happened.


When I was walking around 3 I heard fighter jets going overhead, looked up and they must have only been a couple hundred feet over the mountain. They were circling and doing spins right over me, they must have passed 12 times. It was loud! I coulda sworn it was all over and an alien invasion had begun in rural Pennsylvania, but I was wrong.

The trail is super green lately I love it! Bugs are starting to come out ugh!




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