Day 79 – PA

Duncannon PA to Clark’s Ferry – 4.3 miles
1147.4 / 1037.9

A big day! Woke up late, probably because I didn’t sleep last night. Got breakfast and studied what I did to my toe. I pretty much ripped the tip off. Noice! Made a dr appointment for 11:30 that day and chillllllllled. The mountain men came by and I sat and talked with them. Everyone was waiting for Doyle hotel to open at 11 am. I had my appt for back pain, and she forced a tetanus shot on me, glued my toe back together and sent me on my way. Cool.

So! I met Gandalf at the hotel for a beer which turned into 2. My plan was to escape town at 2:30. Cheezit and ramen shamen, hyperbole and sassafras were planning on doing the 4 miles to the next shelter. Tv comes on and instant doom forecasted! I said screw it and went out. I looked up and immediately regretted my decision but was too stubborn to turn around.

I made it about a mile before all hell
broke loose. It started 40 mph winds, sideways rain and I ran under a bridge. It was nice there for about 5 minutes and then the bridge flooded and I started getting gallons of water splashed on me by cars. I made a break for it and realized everywhere was flooded and kept getting owned by cars and rain. I ran to the strip club the cabin and they were closed! Whaaaaat!!! I ended up just walking threw it without my rain jacket and eventually made it to this cozy shelter. What a crazy storm! No pics, because of rain.




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