Day 78 – PA

Boiling Springs PA to Duncannon PA – 25.6 miles
1143.1 / 1042.2

This trip was easy enough and I crushed 14 miles by noon. I had lunch at darlington shelter and had just 11.3 miles to go to town. I made it to town by 5 pm and was at the store where I finally ran into 4 other thru hikers. I stayed with them at the Doyle hotel. It was super trashy just as we like it. They sell 12 packs and we got some room beers.

We went to serranos where I had 3 draft beers and 12 wings for $9. Went back to the hotel and across from our room was a previous thru hiker showing movies in his hotel room. Bag of tricks was his name. Watched a movie about the CDT and the App Trail and went to bed around 1. Well this hotel has no AC so I basically did not sleep. It was over 80 and I just used my bed sheet to cover my eyes from the hallway light. Woo!

Also, last night my toe met a curb.


This will prove for an interesting day tomorrow. No sleep and new injuries! Holla back Duncannon!

The trail was super pretty however, even though it was 86 and humid!




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