Day 77 – PA

Toms Run shelter to Boiling Springs, PA – 22.9 miles
1117.5 / 1067.8

I waited around at the shelter a little before leaving. I knew ahead of time I was doing the half gallon challenge for breakfast and the store didn’t open til 9. I eventually got there around 8:45 and checked out the museum for the AT. Yeah, they have one of those!


On my way I passed the actual marked halfway point, yay for me!


I then started the half gallon challenge. That is basically sitting down to eat an entire half gallon of ice cream in one sitting. It’s a celebration for reaching the halfway point and it’s celebrated ‘hiker style’ by giving yourself diabetes. I chose my flavor ‘neopolitan’ or vanilla chocolate and strawberry which had 1920 calories. I sat down and started to go to town! It was 9 am. The people passed me with looks ranging from interest to disgust. A bicycler sat down and talked to me for a full 20 minutes as I attempted suicide via ice cream. He didn’t even stop talking when I started breathing heavily, or got up and started walking and eating, wasn’t even phased. I let him talk himself tired and he eventually left me alone to my own gluttony. Well I finished! And I owe it all to Excali-spoon! I used the wooden spoon that barefoot carver gave me and I’m pretty sure it has special powers…

Well the rest of the day I was pretty lethargic, and it was all I could do to make it to boiling springs. Also, it was over 80 again and I was sweating bullets. I can see Pennsylvania getting pretty tough when you add the heat and rocks into the mix. It also has the feeling of being in the north so all that creepy friendliness of the South was gone, and replaced by the in your face attitude if the North. I miss the Northeast!



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