Day 76 – Halfway done! -Pennsylvania

Tumbling Run shelter to Toms Run shelter – 25.8 miles
1094.6 / 1090.7

I’m officially halfway done! Which means the number on top left of miles hiked is finally larger than the number to the right, miles I have left!

I set my alarm for 6:15 and felt surprisingly good this morning. I was out at 7:20 am. I hit the trail hard, no pain, the 1000 ft climb flew by, and before I knew it I had gone 6.6 miles in just over 2 hours. I looked at the map and realized that at around 9.6 miles, there is an Italian restaurant that is .4 down the road. Nice! I sprinted and made it there by 11 am. Unfortunately the owners didn’t show up til 11:20. When they did, I let them have it! And also ordered 2 cokes and 2 subs, a steak and cheese with French fries (whaaaaat) and an Italian. So good! I ate paid and rushed out.

About 2 hours later I came across a road and saw (or heard) my first rattle snake. Thank goodness I wasn’t listening to music. It was all curled up as if to strike. So of course I got a cool picture of it. Right after that a guy rolled to a stop in his pickup truck, asked if I wanted his double cheeseburger from McDonald’s… Obviously! Gave me his diet coke too. Pffft. I told him about the rattlesnake, he said he’s lives here all his life and never saw one. I showed him where the snake was and absolutely made his day! Haha.

He ended up giving me a hand carved spoon, said his name was barefoot carver (yeah, my spoon is signed). He said he makes these spoons for hikers and would be elated if I were to bring this spoon to mt khatadin. I felt like a quest was bestowed upon me, and since I fucking love quests, I accepted. I shall bring the spoon of 1000 truths to the fires of khatadin!

So I saw 3 more rattle shakes, poking one to get that awesome menacing photo. I’m not going to listen to music anymore!






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4 Responses to Day 76 – Halfway done! -Pennsylvania

  1. Van Nomads says:

    Congrats on making it to the halfway mark.

  2. Matt Thibodeau says:

    Congrats. Keep it up. We cant wait to hang!

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