Day 75 – made it to the north! MD-PA

Ensign Cowall shelter to Tumbling Run shelter – 18.1 miles
1068.8 / 1116.5

Today was probably one of the nicest days on the trail! Originally planned on doing 25 miles, however there are rocks already! I hit a whole section of boulders and slowed down immediately. I got to a lookout point just before noon and talked to some folks about my thru hike. They were asking questions like ‘have you seen any animals in there??’ In there meaning the woods apparently. I answered questions before getting bored and moving on.

I made it to a park around noon, pen mar I believe, and my book said I could order pizza!! Whaaaat?? I ordered it, medium with sausage and pepperoni, and a coke, and murdered it!! I sat there in the park just enjoying life before moving on.

I got to the shelter early around 5, and found a couple here for the weekend. They had set up their tent inside the shelter but I went over and offered them some whiskey. Wellllll they had way more vodka than I had whiskey and started being awesome. The shelter caretaker came and tried to kick them out, this dude almost punched the caretaker (I found out he just got out if prison) and the caretaker called the cops. My night got exponentially better.

The mountain men eventually came and we are all shacked up listening to the shenanigans next door. I partied with tear drop tattoo guy til he started passing out in his chair and made my escape. He kept offering me his car and to stay over his place for Memorial Day weekend and he’d buy fireworks. All in all an amazing night, hilarious.







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2 Responses to Day 75 – made it to the north! MD-PA

  1. Love reading your adventures! Hope to thru hike myself someday I’m from Maine so it’ll be cool to hike home from Georgia! Thanks for posting so often! Happy hiking!

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