Day 74 – MD

Ed Garvey shelter to Ensign Cowall shelter – 24.8 miles
1050.7 / 1134.6

Today ended up being a long day. I wasn’t sure if I was going 16 or 24 miles. We all woke up at 4 am to raging storms and everyone in the shelter was wide awake at 6:30. A guy named Santa had sprained his ankle so bad getting water the night before he had to get off trail for a couple days. He gave me his cereal and I left at 7:30. I made pretty good time to start the day, 8 miles in 3 hours. However, somewhere around 11 I got lost for an entire hour, and that kinda screwed my day. After finding my way back, I made my way over to the Washington monument, checked it out, looked at the sky, realized I was in for it soon, and ran away.

I made it about 15 more minutes before it came down. It started pouring and hailing. I even put on my rain jacket! The rain went away after a half hour, and built another huge thunderstorm over me. This one was twice as big but as fate would have it, it moved passed before doing it’s damage. The rest of the day I was pretty much zombie walking, dreaming about food, and wishing I was at the shelter.

Finally made it, there were a couple southbounders at the shelter, they gave us food and we are calling it a night. Another potential big day tomorrow.





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