Day 73 – WV-MD

Harpers Ferry to Ed Garvey Shelter – 6.6 miles
1025.9 / 1159.4

I rested well! Woke up at 6 am in the sweltering hostel and went to see what the ppl were up to. They were already at the breakfast table and the hostel lady made us waffles. Nice! She seemed snoopy so I was glad she was finally doing me a favor. I cleaned my plates and did my errands. Hit the post office, ATC and took my halfway picture, and the outfitter and got my new shoes! Whaaaaaaaaaaat new shoes?? Yeah, like a boss.


Those things are dope. Then I went to a bar and stayed way too long before hiking the 6 miles to the shelter. It was both enjoyable/not enjoyable. It hurt. But here I am, met a couple girls that are scouting terrain for a camping trip for work or something from Cleveland. They’re a long way from the ghetto. :).

We had a giant storm that night,bigger than any we’ve had so far. We all wine up and just listened to the massive thunderclaps, knowing somewhere out there in those hostile woods, bears were lurking. A great night sleep! Time for real miles tomorrow!




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