Day 72 – VA-WV

Bears Den Hostel to Harpers Ferry – 20.5 miles
1019.6 / 1166.3

2 things, made it 1000 miles, and made it to the unofficial halfway point! Awesome. We slack packed to harpers ferry from bears den and still didn’t make it to town until after 5:30. The ATC was closed so I will go tomorrow, but we were able to get a burger and a couple beers before realizing everything in town closes at 8 pm. We tried to get to the liquor store and they were closed at 7:57, 3 minutes early. Apparently people in harpers ferry don’t believe in a good honest hard day of work.

Tomorrow I will get my new shoes! Seriously, I’ve had these current ones over 1000 miles, I can’t even tell you how many holes there are. Fresh might or might not be in town, I’ve heard rumors he is, but no responses on his end. We’ll see tomorrow!






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One Response to Day 72 – VA-WV

  1. john says:

    i was very happy and fortunate to spend a few days in beautiful virginia with stretch ( my son will) geared up and wingin it..also to meet the many others hiking in and out of each other’s lives. These guys have great attitudes, great stamina and they will make it. Unfortunately the old man can’t just pop in and expect to keep up with these young bucks without any training.. so i did one 12 mile day and gave myself the trail name of “one and done.” but i hung around to slack pack them and stay a few nights in the hostels with them. i’m jealous. take advantage of this great time. lots of work and lots of memories. hang in there!

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