Day 71 – VA

Tucker’s lane to Bears Den Hostel – 25.1 miles
999.1 / 1186.2

Those numbers are getting up there… Almost 1000 miles traveled and about 1186 miles to go. Crazy. My dad was pretty beat after yesterday and wanted to check out the area and a battlefield, so we decided to head 25 miles to bears den, slack packing. We arranged to meet wingin it at 9 am and a bunch of other hikers showed up, including trade mark, and a new girl I never knew was on the trail, trix.

We (my dad) did trail magic for everyone, giving out cokes (these are like gold) sandwiches and bananas. He then took out packs to bears den. We then walked 25 miles. It was easy going at first, we made ok time, but then we hit a section called the roller coaster, where the trail goes up and down for 13 miles straight. It was full of rocks and rivers, worst roller coaster ever. But alas, without packs, that too was murdered by us, and we made it to the hostel.

My dad had bought all 4 of us dinner, he is the man! We ate a ton of good food, drank at least 2 sodas each, and now I’m full and tired and were about to put on a movie. Long story short, I fell asleep during Monty Python and got the best night sleep ever.





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  1. Love that first pick.. Stuff you just dont get to see every day.

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