Day 70 – VA

Gravel Springs Hut to Tucker’s Lane – 21.8 miles
974.0 / 1211.3

Today was quite easy, as we exited the Shanendoahs and slack packed another 12 miles. The shelter we got to last night was packed, but we were still able to squeeze in. I put my ear plugs in after some intense snoring and woke up at 7, with the shelter to myself except for moose and geared up. Geared up and I left around 8:30.

The plan was to make it 18.5 miles to the really nice shelter. However I called my dad in the morning and it sounded like he wanted to hike today. We made plans to meet 9 miles in at terrapin station hostel. We hiked there around noon and hung around.

My dad got there around 1 with sandwiches and sodas! What a guy. We left around 2 and went 12 miles north and hiked southbound to the hostel. Hiking southbound made me feel wrong, like I needed to take a shower or go to church. We hiked with my dad and he did very well. The 64 year old man could still move. We slack packed (hiked without packs) and it was great. Excited to slack pack to harpers ferry (yeah, I’m doing that! Thanks dad!)





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