Day 69 – VA

Byrds Nest Hut #3 to Gravel Springs Hut – 17.5
952.2 / 1233.1

So I finally saw a bear! About 40 feet from it and looking at me, got some great photos! Woo!

Anyways, this morning we woke up to freezing temperatures and when my alarm went off at 7 am, I said absolutely not! And stayed in that sleeping bag til like 8:30. Still freezing! It hailed last night and was all kinds of windy, Damn.. Packed up and left. It warmed up just a little once we started. I remember having the feeling of not having as much motivation to hike as I used to. We all do. It’s not really the Virginia blues but there is definitely something there. Maybe this was because my amazing canoe trip is at an end?

Well that feeling faded when we arrived at the way side, which by the way, sells .95 cent coors lite tall boys, and you can’t even tip the cashier. My day got much better here. I ate a giant crispy chicken club with a blackberry milkshake and had some beers with new hiker friends. I met half moon and her mom, momma bear, wrong foot and Rambo. We drank with them for a while before we realized they had a car, and I asked them to slack pack us. It was only 5.6 miles to the shelter, they brought our packs up 4.6. 🙂

When we got down there, it was 7:30 and the sun was going down. We heard reports of 3 bears a half mile down the road, a half mile back, and we couldn’t help but think ‘oh no, that’s where are packs are’. But I was like ‘yessssssssssss’ and turned off my music and walked quicker and quieter so as not to startle the bears. We found one! I got to within 40 feet and took many pictures.

Long story short, yeah this trip gets repetitive, but don’t get too down in the dumps, because there could be a bear right around the corner!!





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One Response to Day 69 – VA

  1. James Bush says:

    Awesome bear shot!

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