Day 68

Elkton Virginia to Byrds Nest #3 Hut – 22.4 miles
934.7 / 1250.6

Back on track! Almost feel refreshed after zeroing yesterday. Almost felt like a hiker today. Except everything hurt and I was pretty fatigued. It’ll come back to me! The Shanendoahs are very green and pretty, and it was about 45 degrees and misty when we started this morning. I’m hiking with Geared up, Fresh is a day ahead of us, hopefully I can catch him before my dad comes on Sunday as I’ll be slowing down.

This area is super rocky but I guess it’s ok because there are bars and restaurants right off trail. A lot of hikers have been seeing bears, I’m so jealous!!! I saw a couple deer today, eh.. Not as cool as bears. Told them – beat it nerds! Sorry it’s a short post but I’m beat!





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