Day 67

Zero in Elkton, Virginia

It may have been a chance to completely recover after a canoe bender, it may have been the sunburns, lack of sleep, or the fact that it was supposed to rain 2-3 inches tonight, but me and Geared up decided to keep the hotel room for an extra day. I’m talking movies in bed all day type of zero. I couldn’t move.

The daughter of the motel owner was nice enough to drive us to town to run errands, and I got a new toothbrush (somehow lost mine on canoe trip). I got back and ordered dominos and watched more tv. Wingin it, who decided to leave that day, waits til after 4 pm to do so for some reason, after it has already started pouring sideways..

I’m excited and nervous to get back on the trail. Might have to start over on endurance after taking 4 days like that off. My father is meeting me this Sunday or Monday in the Shanendoah national park, so I’m trying to judge where I’ll be. Looking forward to the future, almost half way done!


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