Day 66

Aqua Blazing – day 3

We finally rolled into Shanendoah this morning and went to McDonald’s, called our river guru to try to port around the dam. He gave us a ride to mcdonalds, let us know the weather will be inclimate, meaning it’s gonna rain! The water will rise about 8 feet, and the class 2 rapids we will hit in our canoe today could be a class 3. Sweet! Sign me up.

In mcdonalds we learned most people make it to where we are right now on day 1, we are on day 3. Apparently people don’t drink as much as we have? He said were the slowest group he’s seen so far. Also, the German couple that left the next day were at McDonald’s. Apparently they flipped their canoe multiple times, they actually lost their boat, poles and paddle. Their gear is soaked. They found the sunken canoe later on. It’s only 8 am, this day is about to get real!

Right after mcdonalds we got on our canoes and saw a couple Bald Eagles! I got a great shot of one close up. McDonald’s, PBR and Bald Eagles… ‘Merica!

The rest of the day went splendid! The sun came out, the flash flooding is now pushed til Thursday. We are now hearing biblical rains tomorrow, 2-3 inches and get off the river! I got wicked sunburnt, spent the day floating and drinking and doing back flips. We had to portage our canoes again.. So heavy, so hot. We eventually found a landing and went to eat. We decided to get off the river and stayed in Elkton. Amazing canoe trip!





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