Day 65

Aqua blaze day 2! Miles – ?

We have no idea how far we’ve gone. We woke up at 6 am when the sun almost came up, with slugs everywhere. Mostly on my rainfly. We cowboy camped so there were no tents over us. The bugs were really biting as we were 20 ft from the river.

We cracked some morning beers, and got in our way. Winging it was on beer 10 by 11 am, this day was about to get interesting. His 24 pack ran out by noon and we got to Elkton around the same time. We found the only way there was across a 100 ft railroad bridge. We heard the train last night, about 7 times, so we knew it was active. There was literally no where to go if a train came, other than jumping 30 feet into 3 feet of moving water. We couldn’t even climb down the side, it was that small.

We overcame our fears, and climbed across it, there were 1 foot spaces between each block of railroad ties. It was very sketch. We found a Mexican place as it’s taco Tuesday and ho your drink and eating on. The waitress laughed that we arrived by canoe and her co worker offered us a ride back to the railroad track. We made it 3 more hours before everyone started passing out. This was literally canoe nap time. Sideways canoes and snoring, rocks? Who cares. Suddenly we looked up at lightning and heard thunder and it was time to get off river.

We found someone’s private property without a no trespassing sign and put our canoes up. We let the storm pass under the porch and there was lots of thunder. It poured, we were lucky to be on river front property under a porch watching it pass, it was beautiful. We decided to stay here, cleaning up a bit as we set up. We want to leave it cleaner than we found it, as I’m sure someone would be upset if they found us here. Still raining as I’m in my tent, tomorrow we need to do 23 miles, as we only did 23 in 2 days so far because if drunken shenanigans.

Good night!





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3 Responses to Day 65

  1. Kristin says:

    Hi! We are in Waynesborough now and contemplating aquablazing. Are you doing the one to luray or the longer trip past there? How much was it? It looks like you are having a great time 😀

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