Day 64

Aqua Blazing!

Woke up at the YMCA campground in waynesborro just hurting today.. I think I made plans with like 12 people to aqua blaze and only 4 people made it. But the important thing is I’m on the river!

We ate breakfast at the diner in town. I had 2 pancakes 2 eggs and 2 pieces of bacon, a coffee, and an English muffin for $6. Ridiculous! Brightside did the all you can eat pancakes and had 7. I was stuffed. We had met a guy named Patrick at Virginia tech in the football field and he lives in town, he picked me and fresh up at 11:30, took us to Walmart and We chilled at his house for a couple hours. We did laundry and showered and I got back to the camp ground around 3. We called a shuttle to the port for canoeing and it started pouring out.

We got to the port and we had a case each of beer and just waited. The guy showed up with the canoes, told us the rules, gave us moonshine and pulled out his gun. The south is weird. We went on our way on the canoes and this is my favorite day so far! Cowboy camping and canoes! Love it.





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