Day 62

Brown Mountain Creek shelter to Crabtree Falls Campground – 27.2 miles
828 / 1357.3

I liked brown mountain creek shelter a lot. It was by a stream and the sound was very soothing. We found young Gandalf finally and old Gandalf met him. There was no great wizard battle. Kamikaze and cupcake showed up around 8:30 and we all had some laughs. I got up at 5:30 and was out by 6:30. We climbed the almighty 3000 foot climb, tired, but we made it. Right at 8 miles in, around 9:30 it started to rain. We had been wishing for rain the last couple days and we got it!

Things were so green today it’s beautiful. The rain increased to pouring status and we quickly got cold and wet. My feet were soaked and my hands frozen. I regretted not having a long sleeve under my rain jacket. It rained the entire 3 hours until we got to the next shelter. All 6 people from the night before were still inside waiting out the rain. Meanwhile we just showed up after hiking 16 miles in it. I was like – beat it nerds! But they were cool and I didn’t actually say that. We sat there for 2 full hours eating hot lunch and talking to the girls and later Flossie and squirrel.

When we left it was about 2:20 and we were thinking a 30 miler. The rain kept stopping and going but was generally kept at bay and we flew. We made it 6.6 miles to the 3rd shelter where we were going to stay and then just walked right by it. We got 3.5 more miles before immediately regretting that decision. The mountain we had climbed and were coming down was called ‘the priest’ and we were going down the 3000 ft drop around 7 pm thinking about food.

I found a campground 4 miles away from the bottom that had ice cream and sodas. We changed our mind about going the extra 3 and tried hitching a ride for 30 minutes before someone stopped. Thank god because I was literally about to give up! We arrived and we immediately liked the owner, he gave us a discount, free food, the nicest camping spot by the river, free showers and free laundry. Holla! We basically ate a full ice cream dinner and Mexican cokes. Life was good. We talked to the guy for over an hour til it was dark and then said we had to go set up our tents. He agreed to shuttle us back to the trail tomorrow at 8:30 so were sleeping in! Good times at Crabtree falls!






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