Day 61

Glasgow’s town pavilion to Brown Mountain Creek shelter – 20 miles
800.8 / 1384.5

I think we were all still exhausted from the hot day yesterday, along with today being 88 degrees as well! Dayum! Some nice weather. So to begin the day we woke up at 6 and got a shuttle around 7. We had a 2300 foot climb to begin the day, which kicked our butts. After that we had to climb bluff mountain, also a butt kicker. But finally we traveled 10 miles and hit a shelter, and chilled for a little bit. We went down to have lunch near the river 5 more miles and it was sweltering out.

I dipped my feet In the river before realizing 2 things. One, bees were everywhere! Too many, always at least 6 around me. Two, tadpoles lined the river banks, hundreds! Tadpoles are so gangster, I love them. I got scared enough of the bees to go across the bridge and sat down to eat more. I looked up and about head level was a hornets nest, with the giant queen on the outside making nest preparations. Damn!! I quietly got up and walked away, not a good lunch spot. Also I found a deer tick on my leg… Ahhh! Not engorged, but still. Fresh found 2 ticks on his legs. It’s spring!

Luckily we got some cloud cover to end our day, some storms rolled in and it rained around 6 pm. Tomorrow is supposed to be stormy and 74, I do not mind. We stopped here because after this there is a 3000 ft climb and eff that right now. I’m beat! Tomorrow is another day!

Oh also-I passed 800 miles! Alright!






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