Day 60

Bryant Ridge shelter to Glasgow’s “town provided pavilion” – 24.8 miles
780.8 / 1404.5

We made our goal! 99 miles in 4 days.. Just kidding, it was supposed to be 100 but we fell 1.8 miles short today due to pizza and wings. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

We decided to leave balls early again (6:30) as it was supposed to be 88 degrees today (it was, I’m still dying). I had trouble sleeping due to the fact I was sleeping on the porch of the shelter so the bugs were biting and the beautiful moonlight was striking my handsome face. Also it was very hot and I was sweating. Finally by 11:30 pm I took a Benadryl and passed out. I woke up at 5:30 am very tired but got up regardless. We had a 2300 ft climb to start our day!! Woo! I was up that beast in 2 hours.

We passed the next shelter around 8:45 when normal people leave and saw cupcake who said Gandalf and goat were en route. We kept going and eventually made it to our 1000 ft climb! Did I mention it was hot out? We murdered that climb only to find that we had another 1000 ft climb, this one was steep and treacherous. I still remember and hate every step of it. Also, it was hot out.

Well long story short, we reached 4 miles from our final destination and laid down to die like beached whales. We heard Gandalf and Goat come behind us with spirits so high I couldn’t help but hate them. But when they shared the good news I was immediately in a good mood. We were no longer hiking 4 more miles, only 2, and we were getting pizza. Apparently there is a town called Glasgow, Virginia that exists and is 5 miles down road. They built a shelter for hikers complete with privy and shower and it’s right next to a pizza place.

So hitchhike we did (I’m getting good at this) and food we had. I’m sleepy in this ‘town provided pavilion’ but quite comfy. Goodnight.




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