Day 58

Catawba Mountain Shelter to Fullhardt Knob Shelter – 22.8 miles
729.0 / 1456.3

We made it through the Vortex that is Daleville, Virginia! So proud. Didn’t even stay longer than 2 hours. Some people never stood a chance.. They are still there.

Since we camped 1.9 miles before the beautiful and poetic ‘Mcafees Knob’ we decided to wake up at 5:30 and just go for it, sunrise and all. And it was so worth it! I shot what one youtube user said was the ‘best shot of Mcafees Knob this year’. It was that good. This picture is also now viewable at Three Pigs BBQ because he owner Bill has great taste in photos. Check it out.


Right?? So anyways, we chilled there for a long time watching the sunrise, before eventually moving on. Since its time to put on miles again and since fresh had a package to pick up, we flew the 18 miles into town by 1:30. The hiking was easy but got very hot as it was 77 out and super humid. We walked a stretch past barren land with power lines and another stretch across highways and it was brutal!

We are now camped out and full. For lunch I had a large pepperoni pizza at little Caesars and 2 20 oz sodas, went to three pigs BBQ and had wings, and then a frosty from Wendy’s. Yup! Nothing like $20 lunches at cheap places. Enjoy the photos.






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4 Responses to Day 58

  1. Matt Thibodeau says:

    So sick. Great photos, truly at the right place at the right time. You have been putting in the miles. It sounds like such a fun trip.

  2. Wow Dude You are so lucky you got to witness that!!! Great photos and usually photos dont do the scene justice so that must of been amazing

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