Day 56

VA 42 (Blacksburg, VA) to Niday Shelter – 10 miles.
681.5 / 1503.8

May the Fourth be with you! Another big day! Jk, we could only muster 10. Speaking of which it’s 6 pm and I’m in my tent. Wow! Today we got up around 8 so we could go to brunch with my friends in Blacksburg. We went to a place called Gillys and I are like 2.5 breakfasts. So awesome. I got Vader French toast (it’s May fourth, starwars day) and a side order if eggs. My friends fiancée couldn’t finish her French toast (a different flavor) so I ate half of that too. A mimosa and a coffee and I was good to go (sorta) to hike again.

Well we got to the trail around 11:30 and we really were not in any rush to get anywhere, so we spent the first hour or so completely sweating it out. The trail got tough and steep and bouldery (the worst kind of tough) on the Ridgeline. Eventually, by about 3:30 we got 10 miles to the shelter, met some southbound section hikers, one being a 69 year old living with Lyme disease, and listened to his stories. It was very interesting to hear it from his point of view and immediately scared the crap out of me about ticks again.

We talked for a while and I am so beat I just got in my tent. It’s self induced. We had a couple real pretty views of (finally) green mountains. Overall, another great day.





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