Day 55

Laurel Creek shelter to VA 42 (road) – 2.4 miles
671.5 / over 1500 I lost my map

We woke up late because we knew we were only doing 2.4 miles. Also a guy came in late around 9, made room for him next to me, and he tossed and turned like a tornado, also muttering to himself as he did so. And from 1-4 am I was definitely the little spoon. After a horrible night of sleep, i was ready for real people food. I had prearranged with my fraternity brother to pick us up around 10 am and take us to Blacksburg, he lives basically on Virginia tech campus.

We got to the road at 9 am and I sat down to read for an hour. At around 10:30 he still wasn’t there and I was getting worried. I started hey mistering along a highway with no houses on it to get a cell phone. We tried calling twice and no response. Finally I offered a guy in a pickup 25 dollars to drive is to Blacksburg but he gave us a free ride to Newport instead. We got in the back of his pickup and we were off to a town we had no intention of going to. I finally got cell reception! My buddy met us in Newport and we made it to his place. Shower, and half the movie Jurassic park later and we were at Boudreaux drinking screwdrivers and eating crab and bacon omelettes!!!

Next we went to the wine festival and this shit is crazy. Apparently I’m in the south, girls in dresses and hats and guys in boat shoes, croakies, pink shorts and some sort of flannel. Me and fresh are literally the only ones with beards. After we got a taxi ride to check out Virginia Tech campus, broke into the football stadium, met a guy that offered us dinner and a place to stay in waynesborro. For real?? Took down his info and we were off. We came back to my buddies for a steak dinner and macaroni, 6 bottles of wine for a big group of phd students and us, and some card games of humanities.

It’s 11:30, were supposed to walk 20 tomorrow (not happening) but brunch is. A big shout out to Eric and his fiancée for putting us up the right way! Thank you so much!







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