Day 54

Captains to Laurel Creek shelter – 17.3 miles
669.1 / 1516.2

Today was our ‘easy day’ because we only traveled 17 miles. We got up later than normal, and since I decided to cowboy camp, I woke up all dewey.. My sleeping bag was soaked. We took a couple hours eating breakfast and drying our gear.

When we started we knew we were in for a couple climbs. We had a 1400 ft climb to start the day which winded everyone. Once up, we hit a Ridgeline with a couple miles of straight boulders. This has been typical recently, and our feet are not enjoying it. However the weather was perfect, it was mid 60s with a light breeze.

We went down a couple thousand feet to the shelter where we met whiskey bill and some others having lunch. After this shelter we had a 2000 foot climb. This was tough! Once on top we were treated to views and cell phone service at Kelly’s knob. We chilled up there for about 45 minutes before coming down the 1000 ft decline to the shelter were staying at. Ate some dinner, played some yuker, all around a great day!



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