Day 50

Jenny knob shelter to Woods Hole hostel – 21.4 miles
620.9 / 1564.4

Today was a rainy one. Id say it was mid 60s. We wanted to try to hike the majority of the day before the rain started, so we were up at 6. I barely slept with the car alarm birds going off all night, whipper willows? I left at 7 just ahead of fresh and peppa. Fresh never caught up, but was talking about pushing on past woods hole, hoping he made it, it was crazy rainy.

Peppa caught up and we hiked pretty much all day til sole power also caught up. We had one steep incline when it started pouring out and we got soaked but we made it by 4 pm before the heavy rain came again. We chilled at the hostel and had dinner and talked, very nice way to unwind from a wet day. This storm we are in is supposed to last til Wednesday and has been causing havoc west of here. Hoping for safe travels!




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