Day 49

Jenkins shelter to Jenny Knob shelter – 23.8 miles
599.5 / 1585.8

Today was HOT! We woke up at 6 am and Raven was like ‘what the eff are you doing here’. We ninjad into camp last night after everyone was asleep. So at 7 we departed for our day. We made good miles until about 9 when it actually got rather warm out. We passed laurel creek and murdered water, since this was the only good source we had for 24 miles. After about 12 miles we went down to a highway. For the first time in my life, I found a Twinkie by a highway, and ate it… A new low. But it was laid out with a Pepsi like someone wanted me to take it. Trail magic?

We finally made it to the shelter around 6:30. Peppa was still here! Apparently she got sick, uh oh. There is a lot of trail talk about noro-virus, a 24-48 hour stomach bug that hikers get on the trail. Hope I don’t get it! Except peppa is laying right next to me.. I’m gonna bathe in germ-ex. The car alarm bird is STILL going off. I’m going to find what type of bird it is, and make it extinct.




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