Day 48

Crawfish campground to Jenkins shelter – 26.7 miles
575.7 / 1609.6

Woke up refreshed! A great feeling. We had decided to put on some miles today so we struggled out of bed at 6:45. It rained on and off at night so my tent was wet. It was just under 40, cold enough for my hands and toes to go numb. Our socks were all still soaking wet, very cold, and wet. Well we put those things back on and headed out.

It didn’t take long to warm up, we had 3-4 very steep and long inclines today. Just one of them was 4 miles and 2000 feet up. It was exhausting! Our feet never really dried and it started giving me foot problems. Blisters or hot spots, having wet feet softened my hard callouses. I took ibuprophen and told my feet to shut up.

We stopped by a river to have lunch, dry out everything, and our feet. It was perfect but over too soon. We eventually got to camp around 9 pm, having to use headlamps to keep going. I’m so tired I just put my rainfly down as a tarp, and my sleeping bag over it. Sleeping on the ground tonight! The highlight of the day was walking out of the mountains into beautiful rolling hills and farm lands. We got to walk through fields for about a couple miles today, very pretty!





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