Day 47

Partnership Shelter to Crawfish campground – 17.9 miles
549.0 / 1636.3

Today was.. A day. I was super tired having only slept at most 4 hours. There was no camping at the shelter so everyone was inside sawing logs. I also had a fair share of Jim beam last night so I wasn’t my perkiest. Apparently I was talking in my sleep which fresh and I were laughing about all day.

It rained before we left, and continued all day long. We walked 7 miles before hearing some thunder, and knew we were in for one. There was a cool moment when it was just sprinkling and me and fresh were still in t shirts, walking in the rododendron hallways, listening to the thunder roll through the mountains. It was pretty. We stopped for something and all of a sudden, 1 inch of rain in 20 minutes. My shoes were under water, it’s 8 pm and my feet are still wet.

We toughed out our first Virginia thunderstorm (not dying) and made it to a restaurant in Atkins called the barn. Our waitress was the worst person I have ever met, or maybe I was just hung over. But she would like yell at a new table 20 feet away instead of walking over ‘what do you want?!’ Hilarious.

We put up with her just enough to want to burn her house down, and hiked the last 6 miles to the campsite. Im in my tent and Ready for sleep tonight! Ps, you only get 1 picture because of rain.



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