Day 46

Trimpi shelter to Partnership shelter – 10.6
531.1 / 1654.2

Today was unbelievable. Harry sent us word via Indiana, my first impression, he’s cool. He wrote us a letter, so sweet. Partnership shelter has showers, has pizza delivery capabilities, and town is a 50 cent shuttle away.

We got to the shelter at 10 am, for the 11 am shuttle, and ‘went to town’. I’m talking all you can eat china buffet! Damn. So good. Also I got a haircut, not my beard. Went to Walmart to people watch (holy shit) and grocery shopped at ingles. We got so much liquor and party hats for drifters birthday (and a tiara). We ordered pizza and got hammed.

This is amazing, I’m listening to frogs as raven blah blahing on, it’s perfect out, people are drunk, I love this place.





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One Response to Day 46

  1. Regan Concepcion says:

    That pic is great! You guys look like gnomes!

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