Day 45

Thomas Knob shelter to Trimpi shelter – 25.1 miles
520.5 / 1664.8

Another big day! 25 miles, we passed the 500 mile marker.. “Huge” – Donald trumps voice). It was a beautiful, wind swept, pony-esque day. Let me clarify..

It was freezing when we woke up, under 32 yet again.. April 23rd, tsk tsk. And it was windy! But clear, and there were views. We hiked out at 8:30 am in just shorts and no gloves (I sent most winter stuff home). We quickly entered the Grayson Highlands, which were beautiful, rocky, barren of trees, and reminded me of Braveheart. Oh and did I mention there were ponies? Wild ponies of the Grayson highlands, so used to hikers they don’t even flinch. I hear they can land a good kick. Fresh and I played with the ponies, fed them and moved on.

We hit Jackie and Bobs last trail magic after 13 miles in. They hid the rest of the PBR and soda for us near a road, which we found and were filled with joy. We had lunch at this spot and all decided we’d push for 25 miles today. We will be at Partnership shelter tomorrow night, and they offer pizza delivery and a 50 cent shuttle to town, and were trying to get there by 11 am, 10.6 miles.

The day turned beautiful, and we shared stories by the fire and now I’m exhausted. Bed time!





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  1. MIsssss you William i wonder where yu are all the time

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