Day 43

Damascus Virginia to Lost Mountain shelter – 15.6
483.2 / 1702.1

Damascus was a blast! The bike ride yesterday was amazing. It’s officially Spring in town, the trees are blooming, and the sky is on fuego! I saw some great sunsets, had some terrific food, saw some amazing sights along the Virginia creeper trail.

It was tough to leave today but a lot easier since Gandalfs friends from MA were there to slack pack us. Bob and Jackie took our packs 14 miles up the trail so we could hike without them, and then brought beer to that location at 3 pm! Me fresh kamikaze and Gandalf sat on a dirt road in the middle of the woods just crushing beers. It was a beautiful day too! About 75 degrees out, the sun was shining and the birds were bumping.

I’m sunburnt, it’s been a wonderful day, and i even had ice cream today! Yes!




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One Response to Day 43

  1. mmaki1014 says:

    You are truly doing the trail right sir.

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