Day 40 – 30 miler!

Vandeventer shelter to campsite 2 miles before Damascus – 30.8 miles
465.3 / 1720.0

2 things I love about the Appalachian trail-crushing big miles, and night hiking with my friends! We did both.. Our (me, reroute, and goat) first 30 mile hike, and our first night hike on the trail! It’s 11:30 pm and we just arrived, set up a cowboy camping line, and are very comfy staring at the sky. City lights are shining below us. We also crossed over into Virginia!

We originally planned 22.7 miles, which also would have been my biggest day, but we felt good after arriving there around 6:30. We ate dinner and decided to move on around 8 pm. The beautiful sun set quickly and we hiked about 3 hours in the dark, having a great time. Night hiking feels a little different, almost like a new day, maybe just a break from the monotony.

We stopped to eat 7 different times today and I also shared my nips (airplane alcohol bottles) with Gandalf and kamikaze. A huge shout out to my Mom for an amazing chocolate filled care package i received in Hampton, TN. What another beautiful day!





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One Response to Day 40 – 30 miler!

  1. Kamikaze says:

    “with Gandalf and kamikaze.” — Sad that I am not worthy of capitalization. Thank you though for the Baileys– it was delicious.

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