Day 39

Kincora Hiker hostel to Vandeventer shelter – 17.5 miles
434.5 / 1750.8

Kincora hiker hostel is a must visit. It’s run by Bob Peoples who’s from Boston with a thick accent. He accepts donations ($5), I left $10.. What a deal! His place has all the amenities hostels have, showers bathrooms etc, but also clothes to borrow while doing laundry (allowing us to rock white denim shorts and poncho fleeces). The hostel had a super cozy bunk room where 15 of us all had a slumber party. Our slumber party constisted of myself, fresh, reroute, raven, peppa, Gandalf, kamikaze, moose, goat, way man and some others, most of us have been hiking together for a week or more. The walls were covered with photographs of precious thru hikers, each wall a different year. Bob Peoples is a legend himself on the trail, the shelter I’m staying at is full of quotes about him..

Anyways! Ghengis wins today’s hiker of he day. He got a rental car to pick up his gf, used it to Slackpack us 9 miles and when we met him, he picked us all up beer and soda, donuts, cupcakes, fried chicken, BBQ chicken, grilled chicken, chips etc. all by a lake, what a picnic!

The trail took us out of the hostel, down a country road, down to a beautiful waterfall, up a 2000 ft mountain, back down it to the lake ghengis was at, 5 miles circumnavigating around the lake with it in view the entire time, and finally to the shelter, overlooking the lake. We started at 10 am and we were very leisurely so just got here at 7:30 pm. Watched the sunset, made dinner, now it’s night night!

Ps, it is spring! The trees just started blooming! Pic below. Also flowers!






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