Day 38

Mountaineer shelter to kincora hiker hostel – 15.9
417 / 1768.3

Today was awesomesauce. We woke up and it was 18 degrees, it had snowed an inch at night and we were freezing. First I tried to get up at 5:39 cuz I had to pee real bad! I got all the way out of my sleeping bag and to the ladder (I was on the 2nd floor) and my headlamp died. I got in my bag shivering and frustrated. I waited another hour and a half with my back teeth floating til it was light out and went then, still freezing!

We left around 9:30 and Peppas dad had agreed to slack pack us, so we hiked 1.5 miles before we dropped our packs and basically ran the 15 miles afterwards. Around 11 am it finally climbed above freezing. I had to put my frozen shoes on in the morning which is never fun.

We arrived at Kincora hiker hostel around 2, and the hikers I was with convinced me to go to urgent care to get an infected spider bite from a week ago looked at. It had scabbed over and my hand was red and swollen. It hurt to close my fists, and was getting progressively worse. I’m glad I went! She said it was definitely infected and gave some antibiotics. Afterwards I had pizza and beer! We are all cozy in the hostel and have another opportunity to slack pack!

My highlight of the day was when the person driving me to the ER picked up a 12 pack, pulled over and we hiked 1/4 miles and crushed beers to some music while waiting for the 10 pizzas we ordered for everyone. Hampton is another beautiful town!




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