Day 37

Overmountain shelter to Mountaineer shelter – 18 miles
401.1 / 1784.2

Woke up in a barn to pouring rain. My air mattress deflated again and I woke up on the floor again. People started getting up around 7, Fresh was already gone at 7. We looked out the sliding barn door, it was 40’s and the rain had stopped, about 2/3rds of us decided to push in the 18 miles to the next shelter.

The walk was very pretty today, rolling bald hills covered in clouds, old farm property, when we had views they were amazing, when we didn’t it was still cool in a creepy way. The visibility was down to 15 feet at one point. I had service and got to FaceTime my friend Gracie while I hiked, it was great talking to someone back in AZ.

After getting to the summit it started to lightly rain. The rain started pouring, I was soaked before I knew it. It rained almost the entire 14 more miles to the shelter, turning into freezing rain (way better) and eventually snow when we got to the shelter. It will be 14 degrees tonight so were all huddled up again. Tomorrow Peppas dad is slack packing us 12 out of 15 miles so it should be an easy day. We will be in Hampton TN tomorrow, so family-expect phone calls!




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2 Responses to Day 37

  1. annie Beaulieu says:

    Fresh has package at Marker 412.8 / Kinkora Hostel/Bob Peoples. I don’t think he knows. Thx.

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