Day 36

Clyde Smith shelter to Overmountain shelter – 15 miles
383.1 / 1802.2

Today was supposed to rain so we woke up early and left at 8 am. It was overcast and windy and in the 40s. I set off and started climbing, quickly changing into my tshirt and shorts. The climb was 2500 feet to mt Roan, which is essentially a beautiful spruce mountain with great views. The mountain was all socked in with clouds so I got none of that. Once on top, I ate lunch in the shelter and put my long sleeve on, it was 43 out?

When it’s this cold I have problems eating because my fingers get so cold. My hands work, I mean, but I’ll try to eat chips and my fingers won’t come apart as far as I want so the chips get stuck in my hand. Very bothersome.

Anyways, made it down, it started raining, I put on the rain jacket and pack cover. the next climb was all exposed, I could see clouds whipping by with the wind. It would have been pretty to look at if there were views I’m sure. Near the top I once again entered a dense spruce forest, it was so pretty the floor was all pine needles and green moss, and moss was even growing on the pine trees, everything was green.

The highlight of the day was definitely the shelter I’m currently in, it’s an old converted barn! It could fit 40-50 ppl on the 2nd floor, has a sliding barn door and everything! It started raining hard so I set up my bag next to the door and watched people coming across the fields out if the rain. I taught some people how to play 45’s (a card game that never made it out of MA) and since it’s dropping below freezing a cuddle club has formed.






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