Day 35

Beauty Spot to Clyde Smith shelter – 14.7 miles
368.1 / 1817.2 left

Staying up until 12:30 was a mistake, as I was cowboy camping and was awake as soon as the sun rose. I’m so tired today! Which is one of the reasons we didn’t push on. One of the reasons we camped with the Thru hikers from last year, is because they also had breakfast for us in the morning. I took some pretty photos of the sunrise and headed over to where they restarted the fire. Breakfast menu-bacon, hash browns and coffee as well as some other things.

Fresh and I headed out around 8:30 with drifter and Cletus and raven right behind. We summitted Mt. Unaka an hour later and it was a beautiful dense spruce forest. We kept going for another couple hours and the next gap we came to had more trail magic! This is getting ridiculous and awesome, we’ve had trail magic for lunch dinner breakfast and lunch again. Loving it!

I got to the shelter around 3, thinking I was going further, but the wave of tiredness from not sleeping and bad decisions hit me hard. Raven Cletus drifter all pushed on to Roan Mountain shelter which I’ve been thinking of as Mordor. It’s 6200 ft and looming over us in a menacing way. Pretty soon we saw Gandalf, kamikaze, peppa and her dad, the Swiss, a bunch of good ol boys, and we made trail magic plans for the next few days including story night, so now I’m pumped I stayed.

The moon is so close to being full and has a bright misty haze surrounding it, it’s quite beautiful! So tired so I’m going to try to sleep.




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