Day 34

Uncle Johnny’s hostel (Erwin, TN) to Beauty Spot – 12.5 miles
353.7 / 1831.6

The bike ride around Erwin sealed the deal, I loved my time there. We also ate at the best diner called dairy ace? Twice for dinner and breakfast. We left after breakfast around 11:30 and attempted to get into hiking. It was 75 and we were just sweating brutally on the trail. We made 5 miles pretty quickly but painfully.

After that we hit trail magic pretty quickly, a guy in a pickup cup offering sweet tea, muffins and a couple chairs to sit in. We hiked 3.5 more miles hearing there would be trail magic up on the beauty spot, and Gandalfs friends were meeting him. We found trail magic on a side, 3 amazing thru hikers from last year (tug boat, catch, and a girl I don’t remember sorry) set up a table and tacos and beer and hard liquor and threats of cooking breakfast. There are about 20-25 of us camped up on this bald, partying, listening to guitar by the fire, having a blast!

But the other side of this is, it’s midnight, I’m more than likely waking up at 6-7 am unwillingly by sun and birds (the dopest way to wake up) and we might hike 20 miles.. Oh well!

I am currently ‘cowboy camping’ or camping under the stars without a tent. A lot of us are. The sky is super beautiful, no clouds in the sky, the moon is almost full, and I am so thankful to be able to take a part of something with this much raw beauty, with this many good people. I really wish my friends could experience this! Good night!






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2 Responses to Day 34

  1. Clayton says:

    Good luck Strech ❤ Catch, Tugboat, … Liferaft …

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