Day 33

Big Bald shelter to Uncle Johnny’s Hostel (Erwin, TN) – 16.4 miles
341.5 / 1843.8

I am TIRED! I tried to sleep in the shelter, little did I know the mice would come for me. My parent even mentioned I sounded tired when I called them.. My legs are sore and aching just laying in bed, I’m reading but not really paying attention, I drift asleep only to hear patter patter patter and tugging on my hat and I jerk awake throwing my arm. 12 am, 3 am and I’m up at 6:30. I’m sleeping in my tent today! Other than that woke up at 6:30 and bounced by 7:22, early!

We hiked quickly making 10 miles by 11:30, we got glimpses of Erwin on the way down, I got to FaceTime my friend Rachel while walking down the mountain, was pretty cool to show her the trail and my beautiful training beard. The temps got up, It hit 75 today! Ahh I am burnt. Got that Irish skin. We arrived at 2:30, I’m camping in this guy uncle Johnny’s backyard for $10 including a shower. Right off the trail, he rents bikes for $2 and we can play music grill and tent wherever.

My highlight of the day: Fresh and I rented bicycles ($2) and road 11 miles around town to the post office, grocery, and food. Some place called Dari Ace diner. We only heard about it because the assistant manager of the grocery referred us. The special was pot roast, with 2 sides for $7. I got mashed and mac and cheese. BEST food ever! Finished that and ordered a grilled cheese sandwich-so hungry. Picked up beer on the ride back, cruised down by this huge beautiful river, perfect temperature out, thinking life is good today.

It was thrilling being able to get around town without a car, I loved it. Also, wherever we go, people know we are hikers. We look homeless, thin and unshaven, wearing clothes you wouldn’t want to be seen in public in, without a care in the world. What a great trip this has been, and I can only imagine the things to come!





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  1. Happy you showered 🙂

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