Day 32

Flint Mountain shelter to Bald Mountain shelter – 18.9 miles
325.1 / 1860.2

40 miles in 2 days! Just sculpting my legs into boulders. Today is my one month anniversary on the trail, and my beard is beautiful. But today was also real tough! It started with 500 ft down and 1500 feet up. I was done after that. The highlights of the day were getting 8.8 miles about to eat lunch and we saw a sign that read ‘trail magic 8 am-2:45 pm, scrambled eggs, hash browns and orange soda. If this sign is still here, I’ll be here God willing’. Best sign ever. I ran 2.4 miles with 30 lbs on my back in like 40 minutes. Amazing. The rest of the day was tough! I ran out of water 1000 ft up big bald, 500 ft left to go, but found a horrible water source. I got half a liter of dirt water, treated it, and ran up the mountain (Big Bald, my 2nd highlight of the day).

It was beautiful!! I loved it, you could see 360 degrees, and a trail a half mile in the distance going into a meadow (which we later walked on). The 1.5 miles to the shelter was a beautiful breeze. It was 75 out I think and I got sun burnt today. I got to the shelter and had a huge toe blister I didn’t even feel.. Cleaned it, stuck a needle in it, and it’s all good. We are headed to Erwin tomorrow for a quick resupply and bouncing forward. I’ve realized how slow I’ve been going recently (325 miles in 1 month, time to pick up the pace a little, as I plan on wasting some serious time up north 🙂 ).

Oh and most beautiful sunset tonight! What a great 1 month anniversary.






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