Day 31

Deer Mountain shelter to Flint Mountain shelter – 21.3 miles
306.2 / 1879.1

Hiked my first 20 mile day! Fresh too. Also passed the 300 mile mark. Exciting things. It was a long day and my feet are hurting. We had some tough climbs, and steep descents, but also some nice flat areas, walked through some fields, and on a gravel road for a while. I left camp at 8 am and we did the first 8.6 miles to the first shelter in 3 hours. We stopped for lunch 12 miles in on a Ridgeline and got some great views of a town close by.

Were trying to hike into Erwin by Friday night which would put us at 57 miles in 3 days. I heard something about a place to camp for $5 and a bicycle I can rent. It’s on!




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2 Responses to Day 31

  1. Amber French says:

    LOVE reading your blog at the recommendation of Fresh. LOVED the pic of the new 4-legged hiker. Glad the 2 of you are having a good time and very happy Fresh has some other good people out there with him. While it is easy for me to sit and read this blog in the comforts of my home I also realize that it’s not always easy out there. You guys are doing a great job and I can’t wait to see what the next 1879.1 miles has in store

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