Day 29

.9 miles – no joke
274.8 / 1910.5

We woke up to pouring rain, forecast for rain all day. We all decided to be lazy. In fact, the entire town decided to be lazy. We stayed. I checked out of the hostel and pretty much spent my entire day leaching wifi at the ministry, who also provides free cookies and brownies and coffee for hikers. Hot Springs is my favorite town thus far. It has the coolest homeless guy ever, Ronnie. Who has been living behind the outfitter for 3 years, knows everyone in town, drinks PBR in the street, and is actually quite an interesting guy to talk to. He’s gotta be an undercover.

The town has a couple bars, we visited them all. I spent the entire day being hungover, tired, bleh. I’m never drinking again.

We hiked on after dinner around 6:30 to a campsite like a half mile away. Pure awesome laziness. We coulda spent another night in town but $$$. I’m loving this trip, so many great people, amazing memories, beautifully quaint east coast towns. This has got to be the best way to see the East Coast!




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One Response to Day 29

  1. I Agree with your last statement my man..It is one of the best ways to see the East Coast. I thought the same thing when I hiked in 08. Nice way to put it 🙂

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