Day 26

Standing Bear Hostel to Roaring Fork shelter – 15.1 miles
255.9 / 1929.4

My longest day yet! In a thunderstorm no less. Standing bear hostel was great! I purchased a couple jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches for breakfast and paid. We felt a warm breeze, and rocket told us a thunderstorm was on the way.

We left and started up the 3000 foot ascent around 9 am. We only had Dirty Harry and misty and reroute from our group, fresh, djunko and gretta were camped ahead not wanting to spend extra cash. This trip can get expensive!

We flew up the hill and it started sprinkling. The atmosphere was fully charged, it was humid, breezy, and it smelled of rain. I remember thinking how lucky I was to be out on days like this. Then the rain really hit. It came in sideways with a crack if thunder. We were near the top of the mountain and decided to press on. We just got our rain jackets on in time. It was so hard and sideways that my left shoe was squishingly soaked in a minute but my right was fine. The rain lasted an hour and dissipated.

We got to the shelter 7 miles In for lunch and the Asheville Friday crew was out fixing the trail-thanks guys! We talked with them, they have us tips, took our trash and we were on our way. We hit Max Patch Bald around 3:30-4 pm. This is a famous bald mountain on the trail. The weather had called for rain all day but we got lucky and climbed without it. We had beautiful 360 views and it was only slightly breezy. I took so many pictures and a 6 min video haha. We left and made the 2 miles to our shelter. We were able to get the last couple spots just in case it rains. What a beautiful day!





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