Day 24

Pecks Corner shelter to Cosby Knob shelter – 12.9 miles
230.1 / 1955.2

This will be my last night in the Smokeys :(. It has been beautiful, tough, freezing, warm, sunny, rainy, snowy, slushy, a little bit if everything really. I really want to come back when everything is blooming.

Today we got up at 7:30 and most ppl we stayed with had already left. We met peakablue, frank and his wife, shroomer and a couple others. They started on the 13th and knew some of the same people I did. We left at 9 am and it started hearing up. The trail had patches of slush, sometimes for half a mile long, with snow melting into a trail river again. But the trail was easier. As the sun came out I was just in my tshirt and shorts. I saw squirrels getting all squirrelly, monarch butterflies dancing around, birds bumping, flowers blooming, it finally feels like spring!!!

There were pretty views I stopped to look at and as the trail got less snowy I made great time. It was mostly downhill today except for Cosby knob which was a pain. But this shelter is beautiful. There are apparently ‘active bears’ in the area so not only do we need to hang our food, but our packs as well. Bears have broken into the shelter for packs before. Spooky!

Anyways, this trip is still unreal to me, the Smokeys might be at an end, but another journey begins. We should be in Hot Springs by Sunday, where I may get a package! And of course get all up in a hot spring and maybe even stay at Elmer’s house where there are rumors of home made pie!! Excited for the future, already nostalgic about the Smokeys, I’ll keep sharing.





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One Response to Day 24

  1. Matt Thibodeau says:

    I Looks unreal with all the moss and the fog. looks like so much fun. You got those packs up high! Keep it up bro.

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