Day 23

Newfound Gap to the Pecks Corner shelter – 10.4 miles
217.2 / 1968.7

It’s beautiful out again! It must have been 60-70 degrees today. We got a free shuttle for the 15 mile drive from Gatlinburg to Newfound gap courtesy of NOC. We started up the 1000 ft incline and quickly found snow. The going was pretty easy, but started getting slushy. We passed some great views of the Smokeys (our first in days) and made it to the first shelter for lunch. I took a sun nap in the grass surrounded by snow which hit the spot.

We walked another mile and the trail started to become all ridges with cliffs to the sides, in the snow.. But the views! We found a place called Charlies Bunion that was so pretty we had to spend an hour there. They were giant knob rocks with straight drops on all sides. We took pictures videos etc. I will upload to youtube when I get service. Overall, the weather was perfect, a warm breeze, the sun shining, the sweet smell of the pines that surrounded us, and being up on the ridge lines made today one of my favorites!

On the other hand all the snow started to melt, the slush soaked my feet. If the trail wasn’t snow, it was slush, mud puddles, a giant river, or a stream. It was easy to get frustrated trying to walk in the slush, as your footing would give way after half a second and you would stumble every other step. The good always comes with the bad and today was overall amazing in it’s own unique way. I can’t wait to see the rest of the Smokeys!






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  1. BoobOnARock says:

    so awesome. Great photos!

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