Day 22

Zero in Gatlinburg, TN

From time to time I will be taking what’s called a ‘zero’, essentially hiking 0 miles. This is good for my overall health, and joints, as I now have a cough that won’t go away and a sore knee still.

We stayed at the best western to get some real comfort and the bed was one of the best things I had ever slept on. I walked to the liquor store, closed on Sundays, got honked and yelled at, great town. Picked up beer at a gas station instead, ordered papa johns and got cozy.

The next day we walked 1.2 miles to the Grand Prix where we stayed for the night. We still had leftover beer and pizza. A gentleman named David was impressed by perhaps our hiking stuff? Or the pizza and beer and we had a great conversation with his friends. He offered us a ride to newfound gap the next day. Thanks!

We spent the rest of the day re supplying, I bought all kinds of ramen, rice sides, pasta sides, summer sausage, snack cakes, 1.5 pounds of fudge (whyyyyy), peanut butter, tuna, oatmeal, etc. my food bag is the heaviest it has been! Then we walked around Town. Gatlinburg has 3-4 distilleries that offer you free samples of whiskey and moonshine, ie a free buzz. This place is the epitome of American consumerism, in a scenic mountain setting. There is even a Ripleys believe it or not museum, a gondola to pay for that takes you up a small hill, about 20 places that take your photo like an old western and thousands of places that just take your money. People watching was great! Neon and camouflage is hitting this area hard!

Stayed with fresh and reroute at the Grand Prix and we are heading out at 10 am to conquer the 2nd half of the Smokeys!



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3 Responses to Day 22

  1. john sullivan says:

    you’re right around the corner from dollywood, a real tourist trap that you and i drove by on a trip long ago to the “great smokey mountains!” good to hear from you. keep the blog rolling! and wish Fresh a happy birthday tomorrow.

  2. fudge:) How fun ! a free buzz! Where your at seems awesome!!!!!! did you go to tthe museum?

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