Day 20

Derrick Knob shelter to Double Spring Gap shelter – 7.2 miles
196 / 1989.3

It continued raining on and off all night, and we woke up to rain. We heard rumors that the rain was supposed to stop around 12 so some people waited til then to leave. Those rumors were false! It didn’t start really raining until 12! We left at 10:45 and slept in. Around 12 we were halfway through and feeling good, but then the rain came. And we got soaked. I managed to stay somewhat dry for the first half hour. But at this point the trails were literally mud puddles and or rivers, with waterfalls coming down each step. My shoes had reached 100% saturation and were now squishing with each step. We stopped in a shelter after the first 5 miles and had lunch. 2 granola bars, snickers, a tortilla with summer sausage and relish, and some almonds. Food gets interesting, wait until I tell you what I had for dinner!

We made it to this shelter around 2:30 and 2 ppl were currently here. We hung line to dry, and the shelter started filling up. We have 16 currently, with one poor soul camped outside in the rain that has now turned to snow. We are at 5511 feet and it’s getting cold! So back to dinner. I tried ‘hikers pad Thai’ which essentially for me was a pasta side, chicken flavored fettuccini, ramen, peanut butter, and hot sauce. It might have tasted amazing because I’ve been in the woods for 3 weeks or maybe because it’s really good?




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4 Responses to Day 20

  1. annie Beaulieu says:

    I am happy to have found your blog, to see pics, and photo of Fresh!

  2. Beautiful pics! I hope your sleeping warm tonight. If i could share what i had for dinner i would hehe! kill a squirrel! make squirrel tacos!
    This weekend i thought about you alot.
    1. i was at sonic and got a kids meal.. and got a lady bug toy!
    2. walking home from school A LADY BUG LITERALLY LANDED ON MY NECK.
    3. doing research hmwrk and came across an article talking about the trail your on 🙂

    Good night William .

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